Best Fuel Efficient Minivan for 2012

mazda5 in redThe Mazda5 minivan sports the best gas mileage in the van category. This fuel efficient minivan can get as much as 22 MPG in the City and 28 MPG on the highway. This is due to he small 2.3 liter engine and manual transmission. Yes a manual trans! The automatic nets 1 MPG less on both the highway and in the city. The Mazda5 follows the fuel efficient check list: it is lightweight, has a small engine, and a manual transmission. Oh and it seats 6 passengers.

mazda5 sliding doorOther Minivans for the 2012 model year are jammed packed with tons of crap. And the equals weight. At only 3422 pounds, the Mazda5 minivan is almost 1000 lbs. lighter than a Honda Odyssey. The small and fuel efficient 2.3 liter 4-cylinder engine puts down a puny 153 horsepower. But in return you get a wonderful gas mileage rating. This fuel efficient van also costs less than $19,000 which makes it a real bargain!

mazda5 interiorSome of the great features and options that come on the fuel efficient Mazda5 minivan are: anti-lock brakes, lots of air bags, alloy wheels, traction control, and stability control. These additions make the Mazda5 a very safe minivan as well as one that gets great gas mileage. The base model is indeed less than $19k. If you want a fully loaded version, the Grand Touring Edition costs $23,000 and comes fully loaded. This van is also fuel efficient with a 21 MPG rating in the city and a 27 MPG rating on the highway.

mazda5 rearSo if you are looking for a fuel efficient minivan, look no further than Mazda and its wonderful gas mileage Mazda5!

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