Best Performance Sports Car for the Money

chevrolet corvette performance sports carThe recipe for the best performance sports car for the money is simple; the Corvette offers a broad range of models with the power out going from 437 horsepower to 647 horsepower. Under the hood lives the famous LS V-8 engine from Chevrolet that measures a generous 6.2 liters. The Z06 model gets an even larger displacement engine at 7.0 liters and finally the ZR1 gets the addition of a supercharger. Opt for the Z06 Ultra Performance Package and you get special black wheels hiding an impressive braking system worthy of an auto racer and a cool spoiler and running the full width out back. We will get to the performance numbers later but how does 0-60 MPH in 3.6 seconds sound?

Since 2006, the Corvette Z06 represents the closest version to a modern day performance sports car. And with the Ultimate Peformance Package costing $7500, the only thing missing is the race numbers on the doors. This performance package is well worth the money. The use of some aerodynamic body parts like the spoiler at the bottom of the front bumper, the rear diffuser, and rear win, are all made from carbon fiber. These parts are used to fine tune the down force of the Corvette Z06 which also adds to the performance while making the appearance very sporty. The black wheels are wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires which are almost semi-slick. Behind the 19-inch and 20-inch wheel hides a set of big carbon-ceramic brakes with red calipers. The Z06 logo on the fenders needs to warn you that there is 505 horsepower lurking under the hood. The Z06 is priced at about $75k making is maybe the best performance car for the money in the entire world!

best performance car for the moneyThe interior does not radically change from the base Corvette. The seats are differentiated yet, they are nothing too special. The steering wheel has a hub also scratched Z06 and instruments calibrated to meet the model-specific door sills. The interior is a user-friendly environment giving the driver a proper seating position. But there are also several downsides such as poor visibility and disappointing materials. Again you buy this Corvette for its sports car performance ability not its creature comforts.

corvette z06 ls7 engineEven lovers of American seventies have much to be impressed by the displacement of the naturally aspirated V-8 LS7 monster. There is no sophisticated technology like a high-revving Japanese engine, instead one central camshaft, lifters and two valves per cylinder is all it takes! Despite his characteristic big block, GM believes that 427 as a small block, compared to its external dimensions. Its general architecture, based on the LS2 V-8, differs mainly by a forged steel crankshaft, a moving streamlined and optimized, titanium valves and connecting rods, in particular, and an optimized cooling and lubrication, the presence of a dry sump to prevent lift-off during heavy lateral accelerations.

corvette z06 carbo ceramic brakesThe Z06 is the performance model best suited to the Corvette club racers out there who want a weekend track car for the money. The V-8 can roar up to 7200 rpm is coupled to a big fat manual 6-speed transmission. Besides the carbon ceramic brake discs with 355mm front (6-piston calipers) and 340mm rear (4 piston calipers), a limited slip differential, anti-roll bars, and a Magnetic Suspension borrowed from the ZR1 are all present. . Structurally the Corvette is made from high strength aluminum which is more rigid than steel and much lighter. The Corvette Z06 has a low curb weight of only 3175 lbs. contained in this Z06: Many other parts throughout this best performance car are made from carbon fiber or magnesium.

Now let’s get down to what makes this the best performance sports car for the money. The engine spits out 505 horsepower and 470 lb-ft. of torque. This gives the Z06 a top speed of 198 miles per hour. 0-60 MPH is eclipsed in 3.6 seconds with the quarter mile time flying by at 11.8 seconds with a speed of 122 MPH. You can only dream about what it would be like to release this best performance sports car or wild horse on a circuit that is wide and dry. Heck you might even want to try to take down the record at the Nürburgring!

chevrolet corvette z06 track

The Z06 is a superstar, a performance car hunter. The Z06 will eat more expensive supercars with easy which is why it’s a great performance car for the money. At the $75,600 price there is something beautiful about American sports car power.

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