5 Cool Blacked Out Cars from the Factory

chevy camaro zl1Blacked out cars look sinister. Blacked out cars look evil. Most of all blacked out cars look cool. There are automobiles of all shapes, sizes, and colors out there on the market but even a mundane vehicle gets a certain amount of street credit when it sports the sinister look. Take for instance your favorite singer, sports star, or actor; chances are they are rocking a blacked out luxury SUV or sports car. These 10 cool cars that come in black from the factory sure look the part. All you need to do now is slap on some dark window tint and the paparazzi are sure to come knocking. [Read more…]

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Top 10 Affordable Used SUVs and Crossovers

affordable used suvs mainThere is something for everyone on this list of the Top 10 Affordable Used SUVs and Crossovers. These 2 vehicle segments have been a big part of automotive sales over the past decade and there are many great preowned models on the market. The vehicles listed below encompass a broad variety of uses including Off-Road, Hybrid, 3rd Row, and Sporty so there is surely something for everyone. [Read more…]

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Top 10 Sporty Crossovers

nissan jukeThere are a handful of sporty crossovers for the 2013 model year that can fit your fancy no matter the price range. Narrow down the list to the top 10 sporty crossover vehicles was no easy task. There are sporty crossovers that cost less than $20k and some that cost almost $100k. But no matter which sporty CUV you can afford, one fact remains: these crossover SUVs provide more room than a sports car and a better ride than a large SUV. Most of these sporty crossovers for 2013 pack turbo power and manual transmissions. Check out some of the top 10 sporty crossovers for 2013. [Read more…]

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Top 5 Cool Trucks

2012 Ford Harley Davidson F-150  alleyIt seems like there are fewer and fewer truck models as time wears on. And to compound the matter the number of Cool Trucks is dropping to endangered levels. But alas there are a few manufacturers who create awesome off-road packages or cool appearance packages for their pickup trucks. And we salute those automobile manufacturers.

With so many different configurations, it might be hard to find out the coolest truck of the bunch. There are multiple engine sizes, cab configurations, and bed lengths. Thankfully there are a handful of cool trucks that really stand head and shoulders above the rest. This list of the Top 5 Cool trucks for 2012 spotlights a wide range of pickups. There are big haulers, sporty street trucks, off-road machines, and pickups with luxury in mind. Read on to find out which vehicle is crowned the Coolest Truck for 2012. [Read more…]

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Top 10 Cool Sedans

volvo s60 r-design 2The sedan segment is probably the most mundane and boring automotive group outside the minivan sector. It seems like every single 4-door car out there looks like each other. These passenger cars are mainly used for family daily driving duties. But there are a handful of cool sedans that break the mold with sexy good looks or a high performance engine. Check out these picks for the Top 10 Cool Sedans. [Read more…]

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Top 10 Cheap Commuter Cars for Under $25,000

2012 kia optimaMost of us cannot afford the high price that comes along with a hybrid car. These vehicles do get the best fuel economy and make great commuter cars, but again the technology is so new and the battery packs so expensive that most commuters cannot afford to purchase a new hybrid car. Here are the Top 10 cheap commuter cars for under $25,000. [Read more…]

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Top 10 Luxury Sports Cars

rear shot of the Maserati GranTurismo MC StradalePerformance and Luxury have gone hand in hand since the very early days of motoring. The budding auto industry was geared first to the rich man who no longer wanted to be dragged around by a horse. In the 1920s, cars like the Rolls Royce Silver Ghost proved their meddle on the track, such as the infamous Brooklands track, where it went 109 miles per hour. Then you had the great grand Prix racers, where the finest of luxury automakers, Mercedes-Benz, Bugatti, and Alfa Romeo to name but a few, sold their great big luxury cars by winning on the track. And you could order your fine European roadster with an exact replica of a racing chassis. In the US, Duisenberg proved their quality at the Indianapolis 500, repeatedly.

Luxury cars get big and thus need big engines to haul them around. You have a ton of power, and the driver needs to be in control of it at all times. Slowly but surely, these big lazy luxury cars become tire smoking, alpine attacking monsters, and then they become sports cars. [Read more…]

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Top 10 Fast Family Cars

top 10 fast family cars the cadillac cts-v track mainEvery gearhead lusts for a fast ride.  Its human nature after all. You name any kind of car, muscle car, tuner, exotic, hot rod, classic, there is someone wishing they had one. More often than not, they cannot, for some reason or another, have what they pine for. For the gearhead with a family, their are countless reasons why they cannot have it. A mortgage, college fund, retirement, the inconvenience of children, safety, fuel efficiency, and countless other factors will block the decision to buy their desire. But in this modern age of advanced engineering and space age materials, a family man can finally lust for a car that is both convenient and fast. Now the only reason not to buy the car of their dreams, is the wife. Check out this list of the Top 10 Fast Family Cars and stop being a whimp and go test drive your favorite. [Read more…]

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Top 10 4-Cylinder Sports Cars

2013 hyundai genesis coupe
Four Cylinders have been around for quite some time. Yes in the 1960’s a big V-8 was a must for sports cars. Then in the 1980’s a bunch of lightweight cars came around that were powered by 4-cylinder engines. Now these small displacement motors rely on high tech tuning or turbo power to produce great horsepower figures. Four-Cylinder engines are common for quite a few reasons, economy, efficiency, weight savings, and availability being the most relevant. In the world of sports cars, especially. 4-Cylinder engines don’t have the power of a V-12, or the roar of a V-8, but an inline-4 (and Boxer 4s in some cases) are both the most affordable and accessible. It is for these same reasons why there are more 4-Cylinder Sports Cars around today. Yes the V-8 engine is still king of the hill, but 4-cylinder engines just make more sense.  [Read more…]

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Top 10 Sexy Trucks for 2012

Finding a bunch of sexy cars is a simple chore. But finding a handful of sexy trucks is much tougher. Trucks are meant to haul, tow, work, or play in the mud. And for the most part the only difference between truck models are the engine size, drive train configuration, cab size, and bed length. Sure you can add running boards or a chrome grill. But those accessories are not enough to make a truck sexy. So then what makes a truck sexy? Is it a huge powerful engine? Are dully trucks or Heavy Duty trucks the sexiest? Which makes your heat grow fonder; a truck with an off-road package or one with a street stance? Thankfully there are a few pickup companies that provide some cool and sexy truck models. This Top 10 Sexy Trucks for 2012 has a nice assortment of great rides!

sexy ford raptor truck

10) 2012 Ford F-150 Raptor [Read more…]

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