Cheapest Turbocharged Car for 2012

cheapest turbocharged car for 2012Remember the Chevrolet Aveo? Well its was a very forgettable car with its puny subcompact car with a pitiful 108 horsepower engine. Chevy killed this car off in 2011 but needed a subcompact car offering for those looking for a cheap new car that would get good gas mileage. Enter the all new 2012 Chevrolet Sonic with its 1.4 liter turbocharged ECOTEC engine that makes 138 horsepower and 148lb-ft. of torque. There are 12 different trim levels and a hatchback and sedan body style. The stock engine is a 1.8 liter but there is a $700 option that will add the more powerful turbocharged engine. The base price is $15,065 for the 1LT model and add the $700 bringing the totlat for the cheapest turbocharged car for 2012 to a total cost of $15,765.

– Build quality
– Good looking
– Powerful Turbocharged engine
– Great road manners

– Few standard features
– limited availability of turbo ECOTEC engine

chevrolet sonic turbo hatchbackA laggard in the subcompact category, the Chevrolet Aveo has known a very prolific career. Reliability problems, lack of refinement and high fuel consumption made ​​sure that the customer has fairly shunned. For example, it sold last year for a four Aveo Hyundai Accent, which speaks volumes about its success. Recognizing this, GM has taken steps to make it forget replacing it with the Sonic, a new subcompact that, they say, has nothing to do with its predecessor. Unfortunately, through this Sonic is aesthetically more aggressive but also recognize the features of its predecessor. And for good reason, it was developed and designed by the Korean subsidiary GM-DAT, as the Aveo. And guess what name this car still bears elsewhere in North America ? Yes, Aveo! The conclusion is simple to do; GM tries to sell us a car that would supposedly diametrically opposed to its predecessor but in reality it is just a logical evolution of the initial model . Evolution major Yes, the Sonic is much more interesting than its predecessor. Not only the line is stronger in character, but its build quality is vastly superior. And that, you notice it even found several meters from the car.

Open the door, and you discover a purely Chevrolet, which has more flavor that poor Korean. The interior presentation is neat, the contrasting colors are nice and the driving position, with the instrument cluster so motorcycle could not be more original. The richness of the equipment may also surprise you, depending of course version coveted. You will find such heated seats, satellite radio, automatic headlamps and an onboard computer fairly developed. Besides the OnStar communication system and the mobile application MyChevrolet, for example allowing you to remotely start your car via your iPhone.

2012 Chevrolet Sonic 1.4L turbocharged engineTaking place at the wheel, Mind you that you are suddenly at the wheel a subcompact. Because even if GM proclaims that the interior space is more generous, the fact remains that at the front, space is limited. In fact, he is also on the back, but that, one would expect a little … Fortunately, the seats are comfortable and the driving position can be optimized by the presence of a center armrest, a height-adjustable seat and a tilt and telescopic steering. Essence Cruze … Unlike other sub-compact market, that use of separate engines, the Sonic shares its two powertrains with its big brother, the Chevrolet Cruze . This results in a higher power than the competition, which amounts to 138 horses in both cases. Indeed, both on the 1.8-liter four-cylinder that the small 1.4-liter turbocharged direct injection, it offers the same power. And in both cases, a choice of five-speed manual gearbox, or six-speed automatic, is proposed. Only available in the LTZ, the turbocharged engine is awesome. His power is nice and well distributed and its consumption is very reasonable (around 7 liters per 100 kilometers). Alas, this is not the 1.8 liter engine, which serves us as an old left. This four-cylinder from the defunct Saturn Astra is also certainly more powerful than average, but offers a less enjoyable performance, in addition to eating much more than what one would expect.

chevrolet sonic sedan grayOffered in LS and LT GM believes should constitute 90% of total sales of Sonic, this engine is extremely disappointing. Obviously, the promotion surrounding the Sonic that is made ​​toward GM says good performances and consumption ratings Lilliputian, reported since the turbo engine. But the reality of the average consumer does not opt for the LTZ (over $ 23,000) is unfortunately quite different. Certainly, the buyer who does not care too much fuel economy can fall back on road handling of the car which is not ugly. Except it would they explain to me what the potential buyer Sonic has not heart to fuel economy. More expensive than the Cruze … What they do not tell you is that Sonic sold the LT south of our borders has unlike us, the turbo engine. Only the basic LS version has therefore the United States the 1.8-liter engine. And can simply conclude that Canada has been chosen to sell these four remaining cylinders. This is a questionable strategy, not to say deplorable, especially when we know how the Canadian buyer appreciates the compact and subcompact cars, compared with Americans. But the irony is that by comparing our subject to a Chevrolet Cruze LT that she owns in Canada the turbocharged four-cylinder engine (go figure …), we come to the conclusion that stupidly Cruze is a much better deal financially.

Not only the standard equipment is generous, but at the same price, it offers a far more compelling engine, actually able to save at the pump. So you get for about $ 20 000, a car more spacious than the Sonic, more comfortable and luxurious, more fun to drive and more fuel miser. At that rate, it will be necessary to explain how we will manage to interest the buyer at the Sonic, unless it is the victim of a scheming salesman. Take advantage of the ignorance of its customers In short, by that the turbocharged Chevrolet offers on its entire range, while agreeing to reduce the bill for his car at least $ 2 000 to create a reasonable gap with the price of the Cruze, there is no reason to opt for Sonic. This will require to sell Sonic advantage of the ignorance of customers, who will all be quickly satisfied by finding that the car is not a fart eating.


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