Top Fuel Efficient Hybrid Cars for 2012

The most fuel efficient cars on the road today are hybrids. With the economic situation around the world getting worse and worse, people are always looking for means to cut their expenses. Decades ago, no one really cared about how much gas a car uses, but as the price of fuel increased people got more and more interested in those cars that could help them save up some money. Several years ago cars that were reaching 30 MPG were considered to be top savers, but more recently the mark of 40 MPG has been targeted by many car manufacturers and eclipsed by the top 5 fuel efficient hybrid cars below.

2012 toyota camry fuel efficient hybrid car

5) 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid – 40 MPG

The 2012 Camry is a new, redesigned model that has some significant improvements over the previous one especially in the fact that is much more fuel efficient. Thanks to the reduce weight and beltless engine the 2012 version has more horsepower and is able to achieve the 40 MPG mark making it a lot better than its predecessor. Thanks to these improvements Toyota Camry Hybrid is able to achieve 43 MPG in the City and 39 MPG on the Highway.

2012 honda insight hybrid red

4) 2012 Honda Insight Hybrid – 40 MPG

The Honda Insight Hybrid was first introduced in 1999 and has changed a lot since then. The first model was all about aerodynamics and fuel economy, so the look was not that much attractive to most people. Today, Honda is able to offer the cheapest fuel efficient hybrid that can achieve 40 MPG. Thanks to this, a lot of people choose this vehicle as their starting point in hybrid automobile industry. Honda Insight is able to achieve 40 MPG in the City and 43 MPG on the Highway.

2012 lexus ct200h fuel efficient hybrid car

3) 2012 Lexus CT 200h – 42 MPG

The Lexus CT 200h is a car manufactured by Lexus and serves as their entry level luxury hatchback. It is noteworthy to say that Lexus has the most hybrid models of all the manufacturers in the United States with 5 different options. The 2012 Lexus CT 200h is powered by the same power plant that is in Prius, but because Lexus is more luxury packed it is able to achieve “only” 42 MPG. Thanks to the ability to run on electricity only during lower speed, Lexus CT 200h is able to achieve 43 MPG in the City and 40 MPG on the Highway.

2012 honda civic hybrid

2) 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid – 44 MPG 

The Honda Civic Hybrid has been in the market almost as long as Toyota Prius and has been pushing the pace ever since its first generation in late 2001. Thanks to the classic sedan look Honda might be attractive to all those who want to have a car that actually looks like standard gas-run engine cars but still achieves the magical 40 MPG mark. Thanks to the use of a new battery the total weight of Honda Civic Hybrid has been reduced so the 2012 model can easily achieve 44 MPG in the City and Highway as well making it the second most fuel efficient hybrid car on the road.

2012 toyota prius fuel efficient hybrd

1) 2012 Toyota Prius Hybrid – 50 MPG

The Toyota Prius has been around ever since 1997 in Japan, and from 2001 all around the world. It is the first mass-produced hybrid car in the history of car manufacturing. The 2012 Toyota Prius is in its third generation and is still considered the top vehicle in fuel economy in the world. Thanks to the experience in developing hybrid vehicles Toyota has pushed the 2012 Prius to the 50 MPG mark and slowly pulled away from the competition. Thanks to the electric motor, Prius is able to achieve 51 MPG in the City and 48 MPG on the Highway making it not only the most fuel efficient hybrid but the most fuel efficient gas engine car.

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